WATERLOO Road star Karen David has said she was ‘nervous’ about filming a controversial on-screen affair with Read heart-throb Lucien Laviscount.

Karen, 31, appears in the BBC drama as Spanish teacher Francesca Montoya.

This series’ plot sees Francesca having a secret romance with her 17-year-old pupil Jonah, played by former Ribblesdale High School student Lucien.

Karen said she feared the 18-year-old’s legion of female fans would not be impressed by their steamy scenes.

She said: “I was nervous about the storyline because it’s controversial, and with Lucien being a very good looking fella I just thought ‘great, I’m going to have so many teenage girls hating me’.

“When they told me everything, my jaw was on the floor! I knew it was a gift of a storyline as an actor. You just dream of storylines like this.

"It was emotionally exhausting in a lot of ways, as the fans will find out as it goes on.”