A TOCKHOLES ex-pat has released a book to help people with Crohn’s disease.

John Bradley, 53, a former pupil at St Edwards Primary School, Darwen, has lived with the bowel condition for 35 years.

Now he has written ‘The Foul Bowel: 101 Ways to Survive and Thrive with Crohn’s Disease’ for both newly-diagnosed and long-term sufferers.

The former head of international marketing for Cadbury, who now lives in Ontario, Canada, said: “I’ve had 30 years’ training on how to have a fulfilling life while having Crohn’s Disease, so I wanted others to benefit from my experience.

“Crohn’s is unpredictable and disruptive, with some serious medical implications, so it benefits from the sufferer taking a long-term strategic approach.

“But more than anything, it benefits from taking a positive approach and seeing the funny side of the many medical indignities we have to endure, both symptoms and treatments.”