THIS eye-catching des res with an interesting past could be yours – if you have £750,000 and a passion for 1950s design.

The detached four-bedroom property called Domus - Latin for house or home - was built by the now defunct Howarth Construction, under the stewardship of boss Eric Cookson, in 1958.

Set back from Colne Road, near Pendleside Hospice in Reedley, the house is representative of 1950s mod ernist design and is juxtaposed with the surrounding stone-built properties.

Pendle Borough Council leader Mike Blomeley lives in Reedley and has been inside the unique house.

He said: “There was an issue about bus stops and the resident there was concerned, so I went to see him and got to have a little look around the house.

“It’s a quite stunning property and an example of the modernist approach to design which was around back then.

“The design is similar to that of a lot of the buildings in Burnley town centre, with squared-off angles.

"It represents the design of that particular era.

“It is a product of its time and is certainly a significant property in the area.”

Domus boasts the original concrete vaulted ceilings with open living spaces and large windows.

The inside has a mix of original and modern.

Howarth Construction re-developed the area around St James’s Street in the 1950s, building much of what is now the town’s main shopping area.

The firm built 15 two-storey shops and the Emp-ress Hotel, demolishing old shops.

Managing director Mr Cookson, who is now dead, shot to fame when he tried to buy Burnley FC shares from Luther Wilkinson, the father-in-law of Jimmy McIlroy.

But the then chair Bob Lord blocked the move, prompting another Howarth director to try, unsuccessfully, to buy them.

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