THE Holcombe Hunt’s Boxing Day meet at Rivington has been snowed off for the second year in a row.

The hunt usually sets off from Rivington Barn and attracts hundreds of spectators.

But this year the horses will be replaced with a parade of hounds.

Hunt secretary Kath Smith said: “Due to the snow we will be doing a pub meet like we did last year, so people can say hello and meet the hounds.

“We definitely won’t be riding out in this weather — you’re more likely to see Lord Lucan go past on Shergar.”

The hunt will then take the hounds out on foot, under the leadership of the Master, Sue Simmons, and huntsman Steven Ashworth.

When the meet was snowed off last year, it was only the second time in 30 years that the hunt has not been mounted on December 26.

The Holcombe is thought to be one of the oldest hunts in the country, dating back to around 1086.

Its hounds are believed to be direct descendants of the “Blue Gascoignes” which were brought over to England by the Normans.

They hunt across the whole of Lancashire, but their Boxing Day meet is traditionally held at Rivington.

Hunting live quarry with dogs was banned in 2005. Snce then hunts lay scent trails for the hounds to follow.