LANCASHIRE Police made 14 arrests this afternoon as the English Defence League staged a protest in Preston.

But the city appears to have avoided the large-scale disorder which has blighted similar demonstrations.

Around 1000 EDL protesters gathered in front of the city's Harris Museum at 1pm, chanting, waving flags and letting off fireworks.

At the other side of a police cordon, around 250 people had gathered at an anti-EDL demonstration organised by Preston Trades Council and Preston Unite Against Fascism.

Watch a video of the rival demonstrations.

Chief Superintendent Tim Jacques, Divisional Commander for Preston, said: "Although there were minor scuffles among the EDL demonstrators, there were only 14 arrests for drunken or disorderly behaviour.

"Today's events have passed mostly without incident and I would like to thank the local community for their help and tolerance during the events and the lead up to them.

"All our officers and staff should also be commended for their efforts, as well as those who have worked alongside us from other organisations, in particular Preston City Council.

"Preston is proud to be a diverse and understanding city where people respect each other and get on well together.

"The aim of today was to allow peaceful protest which we have demonstrated is possible through careful planning and successful communication at all levels.

The EDL demonstration was called to protest against a larger mosque being built on the site of an existing one in Watling Street Road in Preston.

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