A SIX-year-old cancer sufferer has started going back to school while on a break from her gruelling treatment in Germany.

Brave Madison Allan is going to classes at Lower Darwen Primary School ahead of two months of treatment in the UK.

Her family said the return to lessons was a 'great sign' and said that she would now undergo therapy at the new Manchester Children's Hospital until returning to Germany on January 10.

Grandmother Alison Foster said: "She has been doing alright so far.

"She has even asked her teachers if she can go back full-time.

"At the moment we are just waiting to see how she gets on.

"Her treatment in Manchester begins on Monday for a week so we will see how she is after that.

"Going back to school means a little bit of normality for Madison and she is really enjoying seeing her friends."

Her family said they planned a pattern of one week of treatment, followed by two weeks at home.

Madison, of Lower Darwen, has been undergoing hi-tech treatment in the city of Greifswald on the Baltic Coast, currently not available in the UK.

The treatment involves a drug course similar to chemotherapy designed to shrink the tumour wrapped around Madison’s internal organs.

This could be followed by an operation and course of anti-bodies to hopefully clear the cancer altogether.

It is thought that a full range of treatments on the tumour, which Madison has had since the age of 10 months, could cost around £250,000.

At last count the appeal had raised £65,000 but mum Samantha said: “There is money coming in all the time.”

To donate to the Madison Allan Appeal, visit bmycharity. com/V2/madisonallanappeal .