SIX-year-old Madison Allan was welcomed home with banners and a specially requested roast meal by her delighted family at the weekend.

The youngster, who is battling cancer, had been in Germany since August where she has been receiving chemotherapy treatment.

She made the trip home to Lord’s Crescent, Loweer Darwen, yesterday from Greifswald Hospital with her mum Samantha, who said she had been amazed at Madison’s progress.

She said: “The difference in Madison is amazing. She is laughing and dancing when all she used to do is lie in bed.

“She was on so many painkillers including morphine she didn’t even smile. She had given up.

“We were told to take her home to die in England but the German hospital is filled with English families who were told the same.

“Some of their scans are clear now.”

Madison’s dad Mark said: “It was a real dilemma.

"Doctors said if we took her she would just die away from home.

"Our consultant backed us, though. He said that if we didn’t try we would always wonder.

The first phase of Madison’s treatment has cost 50,000 Euros, paid for by The Madison Allan Appeal.

Another 90,000 Euros is needed to fund the second course, with the possibility of total costs reaching £250,000.

It is hoped the treatment will shrink an aggressive neuroblastoma tumour in her stomach.

Samantha said that after a two-week break she will return to Germany for a week, then be home for two, and so on, until April.

She said: “It’s little things like seeing her eat again that are so good.

"This morning she said ‘I love us all being together eating breakfast’.

“And her special request when she came home was to have a nanny and grandad roast dinner.

“Her laugh is what really gives us hope. When I hear it I really think ‘yes she is getting better’.

“We are still frightened. We just hope we can keep up the funding to keep the treatment going.”

To donate to the Madison Allan Appeal, visit: www.