A COUPLE visiting an Accrington park came across the scene of a bloody dog fight.

Amanda Heyes, 47, and partner Robert Geary, 57, were taking their dogs for a walk in Peel Park at 10am on Saturday, when they spotted a dead Staffordshire Pitbull-type cross in the pond.

Robert waded in to fish it out and they discovered multiple wounds and cuts on the 18-month-old dog’s body.

Amanda said there was ‘blood all around the pond’ and rang the police to report it, but was told that as the pond was owned by United Utilities, they would deal with it.

Amanda, of Ash Street, Great Harwood, said: “Peel Park is a popular family place where young children go.

“This dog was clearly the victim of an illegal dog fight, which it had lost and then been thrown into the pond to drown. By the edge of the pond was a bloodstained scene all around the grass and banking.

“If these people have dangerous dogs on the park fighting, they could go for other dogs or even worse, children.

“This is a place where families come. I was disgusted and horrified to see how bad the dog’s wounds were.”

The couple had been walking their German wire-haired pointers Freya, 14, and Heather, 10, and four 12-week-old puppies when they came across the grizzly scene.

A spokesman for United Utilities said: “United Utilities attended Peel Park on Saturday. We can confirm the discovery of a dead animal. We have alerted the RSPCA.”

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “It is a despicable crime and we are trying to find the perpetrators to stop them.

“In this case we would call on any witnesses to contact the police to make sure that whoever dumped this dog in this awful way is caught.”

A police spokesperson said: “We did attend an incident in Peel Park on Saturday morning and it is currently under investigation.”