FISHERMAN Damian Greenwood battled for two hours to land this monster fish - which was taller and weighed more than him.

Damian and business partner Morgan Rothwell were on a fishing trip in Scotland when he landed the seven foot, almost 14 stone, skate.

In total, the pair caught five large skate, all between 130lb and 192lbs, and said they couldn’t believe their amazing haul.

In fact, their catch was so impressive they have ended up being featured in the blog of Sky and Discovery fishing expert Henry Gilbey.

Mr Gilbey now plans to go fishing with the Accrington pair after describing their results as “off the scale stuff”.

Damian and Morgan, who run D and M Creative design agency in Accrington, caught the Skates while fishing from the shore, which usually produces much smaller fish.

Morgan said: “We’ve been trying for a few years, but this year we really did our research and got the right gear.

“Each one took one or two hours to bring in. Damian was almost pulled in which was quite amusing.

“Now we are really looking forward to going fishing with Henry next year.”

The pair have not revealed the exact location for their catch but did say it was on the west coast of Scotland.

Mr Gilbey said: “Anglers land freaky big stuff from the shore over in say South Africa and Australia, but we just don't associate our waters with shore fishing like this.

“What we generally do not have is shore-based access to seriously big fish that are actually going to physically test you to the limit.

“It’s off the scale stuff. I am just massively impressed by what Damian and his mate Morgan have achieved.

“I take my hat off to these guys in a big way for taking the time and making the effort to really go and see what could be done.

And Damian is utterly convinced that he has lost bigger skate than that biggest one that he landed.

“The biggest skate was hooked no more than 40 yards out in around 150 feet of water, and it took around two hours to land.

"I am guessing that Damian was a wreck when that fish eventually came in.”

“I am pleased to say that all the skate that the guys caught were safely released.

The pair are now trying to find out if the catch might be a British record.