TEENAGER Trenton Graham has been barred from school because bosses say his fashionable hairstyle is against the rules.

The 14-year-old's corn-row style has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to celebrities including footballer David Beckham, boxer David Hay and rapper Sean Paul.

Trenton, of Fountain Avenue, Little Harwood, who is of Jamaican heritage, had the style put in by a relative during the summer holidays.

But the teenager was stunned on the first day of term when he was sent home from Our Lady and St John Catholic Arts College.

Trenton’s dad branded the stance ‘idiotic’ and is refusing to alter his son's hairstyle.

Headteacher Collette Gillen said Trenton could not return until it was changed.

Critics have accused the school of being 'out of touch' and 'completely over-reacting'.

Mrs Gillen cited rules in the school prospectus.

It says: "Boys' hair should be one length, cut at no less than a number two, short and groomed.

"Shaved heads or number one cuts, tramlines, Mohican and Vulcan cuts are not acceptable.

"Extremes of fashion/colour highlights are not acceptable."

Trevor, 46, said: “There is nothing in the school policy about this and as far as I am concerned.

"If there were more black pupils in Blackburn this would not be an issue because this is how a lot of kids have their hair.

“They keep saying it is braided but it is not braided. It is a Jamaican style and he is not allowed it.

“They have said he either takes them out or looks for another school so now we don’t know what to do.

“It is just idiotic and in the meantime he is missing his education.”

Mr Graham said he would now discuss the situation with Trenton’s mum Debbie Aldore, 46.

Trenton added: “I am in year 10 now so I need to get back. I just really want the situation to be sorted.”

Cornrows originated in the Carribean and have become increasingly popular in recent year.

David Wilson, owner of the Calypso Carribean restaurant in Preston New Road, Blackburn, said: “This seems really unfair.

"It is a cultural thing and he should be able to wear his hair like that if he wants to.

“He is not harming anyone or his education. It makes the school seem out of touch.”

Kate Hollern, Labour group leader on Blackburn with Darwen Council, added: “This is a nonsense.

"It sounds to me as if the school has completely over-reacted.

“This is a cultural style and the school should really get with the times.”

Mrs Gillen described her meeting with Mr Graham as ‘amicable’.

She added: “Both points of views were discussed and I was very optimistic that Trenton would be back in school on Monday.

"All parents of our pupils sign up to our uniform policy, which includes haircuts and hairstyles, when they accept the place at the school.

“The policy is clearly set out in the prospectus and we do reiterate to parents at every opportunity, by letter and by text messages, what our uniform policy is.

"Every parent and pupil at the school has to follow school policy and standards.”