DESIGNS for Pendle’s first commercial windfarm have been unveiled as part of a public consultation.

The images show the three 95-metre high wind turbines that communications giant BT want to install on farmland near Higham.

A formal application for the scheme, at Moor Isles Farm, in Woodend Road, on the Higham-Reedley border, has yet to be submitted.

However, BT has consulted with Pendle Borough Council and said the latest exhibition is part of the firm’s attempts to show residents what to expect.

But the designs, which were on show at Pendle Forest Scout Hut, in Wheatley Lane Road, Fence, on Friday and Saturday, have done little to allay the fears of those who raised concerns about the proposed windfarm from the outset.

Brian Newman, chairman of Old Laund Booth Parish Council, said: “We’re now dead against it more than ever.

“They are two thirds the height of Blackpool Tower and a blot on the landscape.

“If BT are concerned about the environment why not invest in off-shore developments rather than three here and two there?"

Fence resident Jack Simpson said: “I can understand where they are coming from because they want to reduce their carbon footprint, but I think there are possibly better places for them."

According to BT, the firm intends to generate 30 per cent of its energy needs via renewable sources by 2020.

Each turbine is capabale of generating 2.3 megawatts, enough to power around 4,000 homes.

BT said it would take residents’ views into consideration before submitting any application for the scheme.