A FAMILY were left in tears after learning their dream holiday had been cancelled because their travel operator had gone into administration.

Faye Idiens, her husband and their four children had booked a £2,000 holiday in the Turkish resort of Marmaris.

But their travel firm Goldtrail went into administration on Friday.

As a result, thousands of holidaymakers have been stranded abroad and as many as 50,000 people are thought to be affected in total.

The family, of Hazel Grove, Knuzden, have been told they will get their money back – but it might take up to two years.

And they have not been offered an alternative to the two-week holiday they had been looking forward to.

Mrs Idiens, 34, said: “When we found out we all just cried.

"The children were so upset because we had been waiting two years for this holiday having cancelled one last year.

“We are all devastated, but nobody seems to be telling us anything or helping us.

"I would prefer to be stranded abroad than stuck at home.”

The family was set to fly out on July 31. The Civil Aviation Authority said it was doing all it could to fly the 16,000 people home who had been affected.