HOUSING regeneration projects in Pendle are to be slashed as part of Government cuts.

The council has already made plans for cuts to the housing market renewal programme that are set to be enforced by national Government.

In February, councillors agreed to spend £11.4million on the programme for 2010/11, but that is now set to be reduced to £9.5million.

Julie Whittaker, housing regeneration services manager, said in a report to councillors: “We have not yet had formal confirmation of the level of cuts, but Regenerate Pennine Lancashire (RPL) has advised local authorities that they should look at a reduction of 17.5per cent to the capital element of their programme.

“In addition to the cuts to funding, RPL received a letter from the Homes and Communities Agency to say that no new funding commitments could be entered into until after the budget that took place on June 22.

"We have not yet received confirmation that we can start letting contracts again and this is delaying delivery of the programme.

“The council will still be expected to spend all the money this year, unless the rules from previous years are relaxed.”

The worst-hit project is housing regeneration in the Bradley area of Nelson, where improvements were to be made to properties in Leeds Road and commercial premises bought up this year.

That scheme has seen its budget halved, from £2.8million to £1.4million.

Improvement works in the Railway Street area of Brierfield will be delayed, after funding was reduced from £817,000 to £110,000.

And environmental schemes and land remediation work at the North Valley estate, Colne, could be affected following a cut from £496,000 to £294,000.

But some projects have seen their budget for the year increased, with funding for improvements to gateway areas, such as Leeds Road, Nelson, and Colne Road, Brierfield, going up from £186,000 to £616,000.

The issue will be discussed by the council next Monday.