ULTIMATE fighter Michael Bisping has confirmed that he is to star in Hollyoaks Later.

The spin off show, which contains much grittier and more adult-themed storylines than the daytime soap, will be screened over five nights in October.

The Clitheroe dad of three said: “I’m playing a guy called Nathan in Hollyoaks Later. He’s ‘on the other side of the law’ at times but I can’t really say too much about it at the moment.

“I’m not even sure how long we’re filming for but it will probably be about six weeks.”

Bisping, also known as ‘The Count’, will begin filming for the Channel 4 programme next week.

It follows his acting debut in action movie Beatdown which will be released on DVD on August 31.

He said: “It’s still very bizarre. But I’m always open to new challenges and try and do my best in everything I do.

“When I did Beatdown I thought it would be mainly fighting but it’s actually quite a big talking part.

“I was really nervous with the acting and was saying ‘give me more fight scenes - I can do those’ but it was great in the end and I really enjoyed it.

“I’m not getting too carried away but apparently it’s something I’m pretty good at.

“So if Hollyoaks want to give me a shot I have got to give it a try.

“There is a long time between May, which is when my last fight was, and October when my next one is.

“This keeps me busy and is a new challenge.”

But Bisping, 31, was keen to stress that being inside Ultimate Fighting Championship’s octagon is his main role.

He said: “I’m a fighter and that is my main priority.

“I assume my next fight will be at the PPV in London and I will be disappointed if it’s not.

“I’m really looking forward to fighting in England again.”

Opponent wise he has his sights set on The Axe murderer Wanderlei Silva - if the Brazilian wins his fight against Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC116 on July 3.

Bisping said: “I’ve not heard from UFC yet but there has been a lot of talk about a rematch with Wanderlei.

“He is fighting in a couple of weeks so they are maybe waiting for the outcome of that.

“If he doesn’t win then there is no point in me having a rematch.

“But I think he will win it. And if he does I want my October fight to be against him.”

The pair fought in February when Silva won by a split decision but if the rematch goes ahead Bisping has no intention of letting the fight go to a judges’ decision a second time.

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