A WOODLAND symphony is being created in Burnley for which Towneley Park’s wildlife and gardeners will take their own solos.

Professional musician Lee Gregory is looking to produce a soundtrack in and around the Offshoots Permaculture Project in the park’s grounds.

And after 12 months of recording every tweet, snarl and rustle from the undergrowth, he will release his own album featuring Towneley’s natural world orchestra.

Lee, from Todmorden, said: “I have been involved with the Offshoots Project for a number of years now and never cease to be inspired by the magic of the site.

“It is a place out of time where people find harmony through nature, gardening and traditional skills, away from the hurly burly of modern life.”

His wife Joevanka, who runs the Wild Things kids club at Offshoot, is also ready to lend a hand.

Children will be given the opportunity to contribute their own snatches of song, starring birds, squirrels and insects which can be found all over the picturesque parkland.

And he is especially keen to see how gardeners young and old interact with their surroundings and wildlife.

Each month Lee will be producing a blog, which can be found online at http://ljgregory-offshoots-symphony.blogspot.com, which is designed to keep supporters updated.

>> Noises you can hear at Towneley Park

>> Wood chopping by a rustic woodworker
>> Frogs croaking in the morning
>> Birds singing during the dawn chorus
>> Woodpeckers looking for insects in the woods
>> Thread being spun at a spinning workshop
>> The creak of the wooden floors at the hall
>> The buzz of the bees
>> Grass mowing and tree pruning
>> Children enjoying themselves at the Wildthings club
>> Water flowing along the River Calder.