There were 5 prospective parliamentary candidates for the Pendle Constituency. One of them was a BNP Candidate.

I was under the impression that the BNP were still practising discriminatory membership policies despite the injunction of the Central London County Court in response to a legal challenge from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission.

Nick Griffin, the BNP Leader, said he would comply with the Court’s ruling and remove the “whites only” members and two offending membership clauses from their Constitution.

However, he stated their core beliefs about immigration and race would remain and the ruling would make no practical difference to how the BNP operated.

In other words, the BNP would still apply the spirit of the clause requiring members to believe in the “continued creation, fostering, maintenance and existence” of an indigenous British race and action towards “stemming and reversing” migration.

This attitude and approach would appear to be breaking the law. It calls into question their legal standing and status as a political party in a democracy.

Meanwhile, the BNP locally has distributed leaflets inviting members of the public to find out about the BNP and its membership.

Furthermore, the BNP has clearly been rattled by the exposure of their divisive and destructive, Nazi fascist and racist views by non-party political national organisations, such as United Against Fascism [UAF] and Searchlight in its Hope not Hate Campaign.

The BNP must be desperate as they claimed in their leaflets that these democratic organisations are “politically funded and are illegally perverting the democratic process”.

As a member of one of these non aligned organisations, I can categorically state that we are not funded by any political party and certainly not financed by any body else’s “hard earned taxes”.

I am also offended by their accusation that we belong to “rent-a-mobs” and are “political puppets”.

I have campaigned in this general and Local Election against the BNP in my free time and at my expense. I have done so because the facts about the BNP are true and not “barefaced lies” as the BNP stated.

I am committed to defend democracy and to show that the BNP undermines democratic principles and seeks to impose a dominant “indigenous” [which means “white” in practice] dictatorship on our richly diverse culture and inclusive society.