WHEN the cause is just, the Lancashire Telegraph takes pride in helping readers and organisations.

Your favourite daily newspaper is always prepared make a stand for the community it serves, be its voice when needed and support appeals and individuals – no matter how small or large the issue.

Every day we reach thousands of readers, both in print and via our feature-packed internet site, so that we can make a difference to the lives of local people.

The Lancashire Telegraph’s parent company’s charitable trust The Gannett Foundation has made invaluable donations to local charities.

Twice a year the Gannett Foundation awards cash grants to help schemes get off the ground, with projects of lasting benefit, or sport, environment, conservation and local history given priority.

Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue team was the latest group to benefit after the foundation awarded it £21,750 to replace its ageing all-weather gear.

Andy Simpson, team leader, said: “We have taken on 12 operational trainees in the last four years and it’s been a very slow process to kit them all out because of our financial situation.

“Some of the waterproof kit is well past its sell by date, so you can imagine how delighted we were to get money to buy new kit.”

Friends of St John’s Churchyard in Nelson were awarded £4,200 to transform the overgrown churchyard into an area of heritage, contemplation and relaxation.

Every year scores of East Lancashire fundraisers turn to the paper to highlight their campaigns and give them the vital publicity needed for success.

“Our annual Poppy Appeal would not raise as much money as it does without the Lancashire Telegraph’s help,” said Des Owen of the Blackburn branch of the Royal British Legion.

Families who have lost a loved one, or parents who have been devastated at the loss of a child or baby, have all turned to the Telegraph for help in raising funds to provide local hospitals with vital life-saving equipment.

Our newspaper also has the ability to unite long lost friends.

Through our nostalgia page Looking Back, former classmates have got together at school reunions and we have also helped old soldiers find lost war time chums, even on the other side of the world.

While these, may not be achievements on a grand scale, the Lancashire Telegraph takes pride knowing we can and do make a difference.