A RARE chandelier is to be returned to its rightful hanging place at Gawthorpe Hall after being sent to Venice for vital repairs.

Made up of pink and pale blue flowers and stems from Murano glass, a very distinctive style of glass found in Venice, it is one of two purchased by Lady Blanch Shuttleworth in the 1870s while on a visit to the continent.

One was removed from the hall some time ago but the other remained hanging in the drawing room until 2006 when parts of one of the arms broke away.

The chandelier was sent back to Venice so that replica pieces could be created in as close a style to the original as possible.

Repair work was undertaken by Brotheridges Chandelier and now the repaired and remade pieces are ready to be reassembled.

Terry Brotheridge will be restoring the feature to its best and returning it to its original hanging spot on Wednesday May 19 from 1pm.

Visitors are invited to watch the intricate installation as experts re-hang it.