CHILD singing star Hollie Steel has been targeted by paedophiles on the internet, according to her mother.

Nina, 37, said Hollie’s personal page on social networking site Facebook had been shut down as a result.

She said the Britain’s Got Talent finalist had been sent four ‘disgusting messages’ from two people, including one person who was known to the police.

Nina said she first became aware of potential problems when footage of Hollie in a ballerina outfit during her Britain’s Got Talent audition was posted on video sharing site YouTube.

She claims people had been leaving ‘sick’ comments about Hollie wearing a ballerina costume.

The nature of the comments sent to Hollie’s Facebook page have left the family even more outraged.

Nina said: “It is unbelievable and just makes me sick. It is really disgusting.

“We found out one of the people who emailed Hollie was known to groom children.

“I was cautious before because that’s the kind of mum I am, but now I’m really cautious.

“We really make sure Hollie is protected. When she is on the internet someone is always sat with her. She’s never on her own.

“We just have to protect Hollie and ensure she’s safe at all times.”

The 11-year-old’s fan account on the social networking site is now the only place she can be contacted on Facebook.

The family, now living in Huncoat after moving from Burnley, has got a dedicated friend to monitor the site on Hollie’s behalf.

Nina said: “Last week some idiot posted our address on to the fan site, but we had it removed straight away and we deleted that person.

“Hollie doesn’t have as much freedom as her brother Joshua did at her age.

“It is completely shocking that people do this but it has become common place.”

The Oakhill College pupil shot to fame last year through the talent show.

Last month she released her semi-final song Edelweiss as a single and is embarking on a mini tour this summer.