A FAMILY-run firm is investing £1 million into attracting more holidaymakers to the ‘breathtaking’ Pendle countryside.

The money is being spent on adding 14 extra ‘leisure homes’ to the existing 125 at the Forest of Pendle Leisure Park, Roughlee.

Bosses said the UK tourism industry was enjoying a ‘boom’ as more people were choosing ‘staycations’ over holidays abroad.

And they are keen to help boost the borough’s economy by bringing in more people all year round.

Peter and Beryl Payne, who have 13 years of experience in the industry, were installed as managers of the Pasture Lane site just over a week ago. Mr Payne said: “The industry is enjoying a boom because more people are choosing to stay at home.

“We’re investing £1 million into bringing more people into Pendle.

“We want to support the borough’s tourism industry.”

“There are some lovely walks in the surrounding area, which boasts some breathtaking countryside, as well as opportunities for people to go fishing and take their dogs out.

“People can come here and buy a share of the Pendle view. You can’t put a price on that.”

Almost a year ago the park was involved in a row with Pendle Council over the number of months it was allowed to open. Town hall chiefs had said the site was only licensed to open for eight months, between March 1 and October 3.

But managers hit back, saying they had a second licence, issued by Pendle Council, to open all year.

There have since been developments between the two parties, resulting in the park being granted permission to open all year round.

Stan Healey, Pendle’s principal planning officer, said no caravan, other than the managers’ should be occupied for more than 11 months a year. He said: “The owners recently applied for permission to operate all year round as a holiday park.

“In granting permission, we recognised that tourism is very important for our local economy.”

The park is owned by the Hill Brothers, a family-run firm which offers static homes for rent, sale and hire in the UK and Canada.