HELP has come from Calderdale Council after Todmorden High School missed out on a Government grant to rebuild the now outdated building.

The authority has included the high school in its top five which need attention and allocated £3.5million to spend on what are seen as the most urgent cases.

Alan Winstanley, principal officer for school organisation and planning, confirmed the work would be carried out in the next three years.

Mr Winstanley confirmed Todmorden High School was in the list of schools most in need of repair and modernisation work.

But he said: "Our priority is mainly primary schools because 56 per cent of our school stock was built in the Victorian era. We must make them fit for the 21st century.

"We are trying to have a greater impact by concentrating on fewer priorities.

"Sometimes our priorities change because emergencies come up when there are severe structural problems."