TEENAGERS are being urged to shop friends who carry weapons as part of a knife amnesty.

Crimestoppers has produced a new website aimed at young people to encourage co-operation.

Lancashire Crime-stoppers bosses are hoping teenagers help get knives off the streets following several violent incidents since the amnesty was launched last week.

On Sunday two armed robbers threatened a shop assistant with a machete in Anyon Street, Darwen.

A West Lancashire man was charged with murder after Thomas Grant, 19, from Gloucester, was stabbed to death on a train in Cumbria on Saturday.

And last week, 15-year-old Kiyan Prince died after being stabbed outside his school in North London.

A 15-year-old youth has been charged with murder.

Crimestopper chair-man Geoff Sage, said: "We would encourage any young person who is a victim of knife crime to report it to police to help us take off the streets those individuals who can wreck people's lives by using knives.

"We recognise that many young people are reluctant to involve the police and we would appeal to them to use Crimestoppers.

"We encourage you to tell your parents, teacher, or the police firstly but if you do not want to, you can always call Crimestoppers we are not the police."

Teenagers wanting information should visit www.gameover4knives.com, a website set up to help educate children about knives.