THREE police officers who saved this suicide jumper's life are to receive the chief constable's commendation for outstanding bravery.

Sgt Rachel Baines and PCs Neil Cookson and Stephen Wallwork have been honoured following the dramatic rescue last October.

A depressed 41-year-old man had climbed over fencing on the top storey of Blackburn market's car park and vowed to kill himself.

As can be seen in the picture, he was swinging from the railings, dangling 30ft above the ground.

An officer held on to a colleague's feet and was lowered down to reach the man, just grabbing him as he let go of the fencing. More officers were lowered by their ankles and managed to get the man safely to the second floor of the building.

A police spokesman said: "They displayed tremendous bravery during the incident."

They will be presented with their awards by Gulf War hero John Nichol, a former RAF Tornado pilot who was shot down, captured and tortured.

The ceremony takes place at Barton Grange hotel, near Preston, on June 6.

Also getting a commendation is PC Geoff Warburton who tackled a violent knifeman.

The spokesman added: "A man he wished to question produced a concealed knife, knocked PC Warburton to the ground and proceeded to try and stab him.

"In this violent and frightening situation, PC Warburton acted in a calm and controlled manner.

"He displayed great skill and bravery in bringing the situation under control."

Accrington paramedics Matthew Pickering and Raechel McCauley are also to receive the awards after preventing a knifeman from assaulting a patient.

The spokesman said: "Noticing the knife, Matthew reacted immediately and trapped the man's hand and knife in the door frame. Raechel held the door and calling the police.

"Matthew persuaded the man to put down the knife, after which the door was released. Matthew and Raechel are to be commended for their fast reactions and for acting in the best interests of the patient and themselves in a potentially life-threatening situation."

Nine other police officers are to receive commendations after last year's 17-hour armed siege in Rawtenstall. PCs David Lomas, who was shot with more than 60 pellets by gunman Steven Hensby, Matthew Walton, Philip Bayliss, Peter Corser, Kevin Jones, Lukmaan Mulla, Peter Sculpher and Sgts Wendy Jacobs and Paul Leigh will get the honour.