Glasgow five-piece Camera Obscura were a huge favourite of John Peel's. But then John Peel liked a lot of things. Anyone remember the Cuban Boys?

He was right about this lot, though, who have picked up where Belle and Sebastian left off since they made their big play for the mainstream.

Latest single and taster of forthcoming album Let's Leave this Country (the band's third), Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken bridges the gap between ex-B&S chanteuse Isobel Campbell and Swedish popsters The Concretes (the latter of whose producer they non-coincidentally share).

Tracyanne Campbell's delicate vocals are swept along by a bounding rhythm, embellished by organ interludes, the odd guitar flourish and an exquisite string arrangement.

Lovelorn as so often, Campbell gives further voice to her long-suffering heart on more typically melancholic (and arguably superior) B-side Roman Holiday Generously included, also, is the video to last year's superlative Robert Burns-inspired Peel tribute I Love My Jean.

A must buy.

Released May 15 2006.