A 33-YEAR-OLD addict stole his terminally ill mum's TV set after she refused to lend him money for drugs.

And a court heard the son, registered as his mother's carer, used her electric wheelchair to remove the 32 inch TV which he sold for £40.

Brian Aspin, 33, of Sunnybank Gardens, Blackburn, pleaded guilty at Blackburn magistrates to theft of a TV worth £500.

He was remanded on bail for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Claire Fanning, prosecuting, said Aspin's mother was dependent on oxygen administered at home and was immobile without a wheelchair.

"She is a very sick lady," said Miss Fanning. On the day of the theft Aspin asked her for money but she refused.

"Shortly after she went to bed and while she was asleep he removed the TV from her bedroom.

"The television is large and very heavy and he used her electric wheelchair to remove it from the house," said Miss Fanning.

"When she realised what had happened she was very upset and called the police."

She said Aspin told police he intended to take the wheelchair back because his mother was terminally ill and needed it at all times.

Clare Knight, defending, said it was clear from talking to Aspin that he was upset and ashamed at what he had done.

"He actually acts as his mother's carer and she relies on him totally," said Miss Knight.