A HEROIN addict died after taking a fix on his release from prison because his tolerance was low, an inquest heard.

John Waldron, 34, of Unsworth Street, Stacksteads, died on July 16 after a drugs binge to celebrate the end of his three-month jail term.

He had been inside many times and often marked his release by taking drugs. But as his tolerance had lowered, the dose proved fatal.

His sister Lisa Waldron and her partner Martin Smith were at his house on his return and he confessed to having taken valium, cannabis and drinking beer, but did not mention the heroin as he knew she would be angry.

She previously warned him about the dangers of taking the Class A drug. He had taken heroin daily for five years.

He had fallen asleep on the sofa but his family were not concerned as he was snoring. But he never woke up.

Pathologist Dr Alexander Howat said the cause of death was heroin toxicity made worse by taking other drugs, which also included anti-depressants. He added: "It was not a massive amount but heroin users rapidly lose tolerance."

Recording a verdict of accidental death, Coroner Richard Taylor said: "I get a picture of a young man looking forward to coming home.

"Sadly his tolerance would be very low. The amount he took sadly proved fatal."