I WOULD like to comment on the subject of bullying in our schools and workplace (LET, October 7).

First I would like to express my sympathy to the concerned parent of Darwen and her 10-year-old daughter who has unfortunately become the target of a bully.

I am sure teachers and people in authority do their best to stamp out bullying but the bullies can be cunning and will resort to anything to avoid detection.

As soon as the teacher is not looking, the bullies will carry on with their evil work, especially outside of school.

You could teach your child judo or some form of self-defence for the physical part of bullying but it would be much more difficult to teach someone psychological self-defence when the target could be someone who is sensitive or naive.

Bullies can come in many disguises and appear to be charming, charismatic and helpful people but in fact are very dangerous and their evil work can lead to their target becoming mentally ill etc.

Therefore, I would like to say don't sit on the fence, turn a blind eye or join in with the bully.

Don't leave the problem to someone else to del with. We are all responsible for this growing evil in our society today.

N PRESTON (Mr), Carrington Avenue, Blackburn.