An Euxton woman has abandoned plans to buy her council house after a spate of crime and youth disorder close to her home.

Mother-of-three, Lisa Bennett, 33, of Greenside, reached the end of her tether after an early morning rampage by vandals left her Ford Orion, and 15 other vehicles in the street, damaged.

Lisa, a trainee accountant at a Preston engineering firm, is also concerned about gangs of youths she says roam the estate, congregating in an open space at the front of her home.

She said: "On Friday morning last week I found the front door of my car had been bent back. Other people had theirs so badly damaged they are written off, it was just mindless destruction.

"On the whole Euxton is great place to live and the vast majority of the people here are good, but this latest incident has made me stop plans to buy my house here.

"There is also a real problem with gangs of 10 to 20 teenagers hanging around the area drinking, which is very intimidating and scary for my younger kids, who are only four and five.

"There should be CCTV cameras installed on Greenside and the police should move them on. The only time the police respond is when something really serious happens."

A police spokesman said: "We are aware of the recent damage that has occurred to vehicles on this area and the local community beat manager is working in partnership with local wardens to address the problems."

Police arrested two youths after the cars were damaged on September 30.

They were later released on police bail and investigations are continuing with forensic evidence taken from the scene being analysed.