A LARGELY unknown period of Lancaster's history has been brought into sharp focus with a new memorial.

The city's part in the Transatlantic slave trade is recalled by a sculpture unveiled on the quayside close to the Millennium Bridge on Monday.

'Captured Africans' has been conceived and developed by Manchester-based artist Kevin Dalton-Johnson for the Slave Trade Arts Memorial Project .

It brings to an end a massive outreach programme involving 300 children from around the district, working with 10 supporting artists.

The memorial - the first of its type in the country -highlights a time in Lancaster's history that is largely unknown.

For during the 18th century the city was England's fourth largest slaving port.

More than 180 ships left the city for Africa before sailing on to the Americas in the 'Triangular Trade', as slave trading was known. They carried around 25,000 slaves.

City Mayor Cllr Joyce Taylor welcomed guests to a special unveiling ceremony at the quayside on Monday at 5pm.