PREPARE for full assault on your irritation glands. Montreal electro doyen Tiga brings out the heavy retro fire with this track featuring Scissor Sisters vocalist Jake Shears and production by Soulwax's Dewaele brothers.

Tiga Sontag came to widespread attention back in 2002 with a version of Corey Hart's hit Sunglasses at Night, and is well known for his covers, including one of Nelly's Hot in Herre.

And he's at it again, using lyrics from rave pioneers Altern8's Infiltrate 202 that also turn up in an old Bowa song, and if messageboard chatter is to be believed, crop up in about a dozen other dance tracks. Wheels within wheels within wheels.

A minimal bass groove backs Tiga's half-spoken monotone vocals, with Shears providing his tuneful, feminine tones for the chorus.

What starts off as irksome soon becomes catchy and enjoyable, in an amusing sort of way. Shame that the B-side mixes spoils the crisp surprise of the radio edit.

Released October 10, 2005.

Mark Horne