I WRITE in response to S Forster's letter last week about reasons for people not going to watch Lancaster City FC. I'd like to ask if he goes to watch every match?

I do and have done so for more than 35 years. Yes, the stands are not the greatest, the scratching shed has seen better days and the seating area is not quite up to Old Trafford standards. But the Giant Axe is still better than at least half of the grounds in the Conference North. I know because I have visited most of them.

The Dolly Blue Diner is also better than a lot of catering facilities, with a good selection of food and drinks, and the Dolly Blue clubhouse is among the best in non-league football.

As for the comments on getting a blueprint from Morecambe FC on how to improve the ground, what rubbish!

Did they not get a loan of around £250k from Lancaster City Council - and has this ever been repaid?

These are hard times for Lancaster City but we have the best set of youngsters at the club that we have seen for years and they're playing great football.

But we need the support of the people of Lancaster. If people cannot get down on match days there are other ways to help, such as joining the Gold Bond. Every bit helps and I, for one, will continue to do all I can to help Lancaster City FC!

Billy Heron, Lancaster.