I've recently returned from a caravan holiday in France.

It was most enjoyable. No radio, no television, no newspapers, no politics and no Parkwise!

Then I got a text message, "Parkwise are holding a review meeting, did you tell them that you have left the country?"

I replied, "No, I forgot to tell them but they must have found out! Please will you attend in my place?"

Over our entire holiday it was notable that we only had to pay for parking twice, and even then it was at a relatively low cost. What a difference now we're back home!

It's nice to see that the new Booths supermarket is open and I hope this will encourage more shoppers into the town.

Meanwhile, Parkwise seems as indifferent as ever. The town hall rebuilding costs have risen.

Construction of the new toilets on the market are behind schedule and the re-paving of Chapel Street has been in disarray because they ran out of bricks!

In addition to all this, I understand that the markets are to be privatised.

What a way to run a council!

Graham Archer