I WRITE in response to the article about happy slapping (October 1).

Is it any wonder that this sort of activity is increasing and bullying in general is becoming something that is a major source of news both in school and in the workplace, when, we, as responsible adults and parents continue to allow it to continue without saying or doing anything to stop it.

I have been reassuring and consoling my 10-year-old daughter who has been the victim of a bully at school who considers it 'fun' to call her "fatty" and "fat cow."

Her teacher spoke to the individual concerned and the name calling ceased.

Then name calling began again and the boy in question struck my daughter during an after school activity called Team Theme, organised by the school and run in its grounds.

My daughter was distraught.

As a parent, and someone who has paid money for my child and her younger brother to take part in this activity I am distraught and very, very angry.

This sort of behaviour needs to be stopped at source before we get to the age where young people and adults continue to feel they are victims and cannot any longer cope.

This is where truanting begins, the climb to petty crime, possibly or in the worst case scenario where a child finally feels this is too much and commits suicide.

Dramatic, you may think, but how many times have we seen this outcome in recent months, on a national scale. One of the Government's main objectives in mental health is to cut the number of suicides and who is to say that one of the main reasons for this is not the bullying which starts in primary schools and continues throughout a young person's life if it is not discouraged.

I have also written to my daughter's school with my concerns and have also sent two e-mails to Team Theme who, so far, have refused to acknowledge.

Concerned Parent, Darwen (name and address supplied).