An anti-bullying message was given a lift by one of the world's strongest men when he visited a Chorley school this week.

Dave Gauder, known as 'Big Dave', demonstrated the strength that has led to him gaining 17 world records by single-handedly pulling a coach at Southlands High School on Monday (October 3).

Dave, who was severely bullied during his schooldays, then gave a presentation to year seven pupils at the school when he told them of his despair as a youngster in Birmingham, where he was targeted by a gang who beat and humiliated him.

Dave said: "This is the 600th time I have done the bus pull and I have spoken to around 310,000 kids about this issue.

"I know from bitter first hand experience about the problems that are caused by bullying and my message is always the same.

"Talk to someone whether it be a teacher, parent or friend and things will become better."

Dave, now in his forties, took up weight training in his teens and has travelled the world performing hundreds of feats of human strength.

Among his achievements are pulling a British Airways Concorde, weighing 101 tons a distance of forty feet along the runway at Heathrow Airport.

Dave and his training partner, lifted completely off the ground an eight ton London double decker bus in Covent Garden, London.

This was later described by the Guinness Book of Records, as the "greatest lift in history".

Dave's presentation is part of the school's anti-bullying programme and is supported by the Lancashire Partnership against Crime team and the local authority.

The High Sheriff of Lancashire, former England and Blackpool footballer, Jimmy Armfield was present to lend his support.

He said: "Dave has an ability to generate a positive rapport with young people and sends out the message that through positive thinking and actions there is no need to suffer from bullying in its many forms."