A pensioner has threatened to stop paying his council tax if council chiefs don't act against noisy neighbours he claims are making his life a misery.

Gordon Wilkinson, 67, of Regency Avenue, Lostock Hall, said he is willing to go to prison for not paying his bill if action is not taken by South Ribble Borough Council against Dorothy and Melvyn Gardner, who run a sales business and an airport taxi from their home in the same road.

The retired engineer claims private hire vehicles and delivery vans block his driveway and the noise from them is making his life a misery.

He said: "I'm being woken up at all hours of the night with the shunting of vehicle noise, cars reversing, headlights through my windows and the slamming of vehicle doors.

"Are residents not entitled to a good night's sleep? It's a nightmare."

Dorothy Gardner refuted his claims, and said: "It's untrue and I'm really angry.

"We don't block his driveway. And if we go out at night, there are no lights until we are going up the road.

"I make sure I lock my door manually so my alarm doesn't make a noise. We're not doing anything wrong."

The council's planning officers, who painted a white line in front of Mr Wilkinson's driveway three years ago to try to alleviate the problem, said the couple's business activities are not at a level where additional planning consent is needed.

Mr Wilkinson, who plans to move to Spain in two years, said the activity is devaluing his property.

He said: "No one will want to move here if they come and look at it and there's a van almost in my driveway.

"They will notice there is a taxi firm and it will put them off."

Mr Wilkinson has lodged his complaint with council chief executive, Jean Hunter, and South Ribble MP, David Borrow.

Councillor Tom Hanson, cabinet member for planning and regeneration, said: "The level of activity, at present, does not amount to a material change of use of the property.

"The situation is, though, being closely monitored."