SUPPORTERS of the six students gathered on the steps of Lancaster Magistrates court to protest against the city's university.

About 30 people who attended the court headed outside after the verdict to chant and parade banners.

Jessica Abrahams, an adult literacy worker at Lancaster University, said she had been moved to show her support due to the curbs the University was placing on freedom of speech.

"It really touched a nerve with me. I don't like the fact that people can't say what they think," she told the Citizen.

North West Green Party leader and former university lecturer Prof John Whitelegg said: "This is a sad day for civil liberties. The real issue the prosecution of these students reveals is the continued pervasive intrusion into academic life of multi-national corporations. The George Fox six are heroes in defending academia from corporate bias."

o EXTRA security measures put in place at the university during the trial were merely 'routine', says a spokesman.

Doors into University House were locked but the spokesman says: "There were slight amendments to security but that is done from time to time."