THE solution to the problem of getting more people through the turnstiles to watch Lancaster City is quite simple. Improve the facilities at Giant Axe.

It is nearly 2006 yet this awful ground is still stuck in a 1960s time warp. In what year were the two stands built, for instance?

City should get the blueprint from Morecambe and see how they improved Christie Park into a stadium that is now up to Football League standards.

It is only 10 years ago that Morecambe were in the same position as City - they had a poor ground, poor gates of around 300 and no money to spend.

But at least the Morecambe directors had ambition.

Now the gates are between 1,700 and 2,000 yet Morecambe has a smaller popul-ation than Lancaster.

Unless there are ground improvements at Giant Axe there will be no long-term future for Lancaster City.

And in five or even 10 years time the club will still be struggling to attract more fans to watch the games.

S Forster, Lancaster.