THE proposed phase six of the coastal works from the Battery along Sandylands promenade will see rock armours placed along the whole of this stretch - meaning angling will no longer be possible.

I understand the need to protect this area from inundation and erosion from the sea. However, in place of the rock armour which will prohibit casting and retrieval of a fishing line, perhaps concrete pinnacles could be considered.

So much frontage has been lost to anglers that if this latest phase goes ahead there will be virtually no place left in the area to fish.

Angling is an increasingly popular sport and, despite the lack of encouragement from Lancaster City council, large numbers of people come from all over the North West to fish here. Do we not want to encourage visitors who will spend their money on fishing tackle, bait, food and other things locally?

Surely those in authority whose task it is to promote and develop tourism must be aware of what is happening and, like so many people, be deeply concerned.

I urge all anglers, whether as individuals or members of angling clubs, to be aware of what is happening along the promenade and to make their concerns known to the city council through their local councillor or by writing to the chief executive.

Michael Crompton, Heysham.