IT'S time the whole district was made aware of the latest waste of council tax money- meaning the Aqua Park planned as a way to destroy one of the best features of Happy Mount Park.

Have these people all forgotten their own childhood? I haven't forgotten mine, nor that of my children and grandchildren (and now my great-grand-daughter who visited recently).

Must I repeat the same old arguments before notice is taken by our lords and masters that the simpler pleasures are more fun than the newer complications which involve special clothing and preparations.

Deciding to remove your shoes and socks to cool your feet is much more spontaneous than digging out your dookers and hunting out a towel before leaving home.

Who are the people who voted for the new nonsense? Were they ratepayers or just casual visitors - because I have yet to meet anyone who was asked their opinion in this so-called survey.

Cllr Ron Sands mentions vandals throwing rubbish in the pool in his letter published last week. Does he think that an Aqua Park will be immune? There is more danger outside the pool than in it.

On top of that, no notice of the plan was given to the people of Morecambe before the council put it on the agenda for their meeting and nor was there any visible notice at the site.

I urge all who can to support Mrs Sutcliffe in her efforts to halt this scheme.

T Goodwin, Westgate.