CONTRARY to Robert Segal's claims I did not espouse state socialism in any recent letters to the Citizen

I advocated a non-hierarchical system of social organisation which produces for need not profit, and co-operates through mutual aid and solidarity. Robert seems to be confused as to the difference between politics, economics and the nation state.

The fact is that in economic terms there exists a global system of capitalism which is by definition a system of exploitation. It works across national and political boundaries, exists to create profit for a few and is responsible for terrible levels of poverty around the globe.

Look at the multi-national oil companies producing vast profits from the Niger Delta at the expense of the local population and the environment.

When Robert talks about 'safety nets', he misses the point that often where conditions are improved it is because people fought for them.

The safety nets are not very effective for millions suffering poverty. And for those of us who fight for the right to education, decent housing, the vote, and an eight hour day, that still does not change the fact that the true value of labour is taken from us. I believe that we are capable of organising our own lives in a far more effective way.

As for the 'World War' sic, it is without question that civilians were targeted! I'm sure Robert can find ways to justify such horror, but what is terrorism if it is not the murder of innocents to further your political ends?

N.Bliss, Lancaster.