A CRACK team of four 'grimebusters' is set to hit the streets of Rossendale in a bid to tackle the borough's grotspots.

Claire Angus, Catherine Taylor, Aled Thomas and David McChesney will join Rossendale Council's Neighbourhood Environmental Action Teams (NEAT) to get to grips with urgent environmental issues across the borough.

NEAT will play a key part in tackling a wide range of environmental and anti-social behaviour problems, including refuse collection, street cleansing, recycling, parks and open spaces, abandoned vehicles, fly-tipping, dog fouling and graffiti.

They will cut across traditional boundaries between different environmental services, making it easier for local residents to get action to clean up their neighbourhoods.

The new officers will also have a team at their disposal to help with refuse and cleansing activities and will be able to respond more quickly to problems such as abandoned drug paraphernalia.

NEAT team manager, Dave Whiteman, said: "The long-term aim is to have a dedicated team in each of the main towns in Rossendale.

"The Neighbourhood Environmental Action Teams will help the council to implement its new powers and responsibilities under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act."

NEAT officers will be able to carry out enforcement action and issue fixed penalty tickets to crack down on people who drop litter, fly-tip or allow their dogs to foul in public places.

Coun Judith Driver, cabinet member for streetscene and liveability, said: "I am delighted that four new staff are joining our Neighbourhood Environmental Action Teams.

"They will play a very important part in helping us to deliver faster, more co-ordinated and more effective environmental services to local people.

"Making Rossendale cleaner, greener and safer is one of the council's top priorities and is what our customers have the right to expect."