Long summer holidays and a fortnight for Easter could be a thing of the past for Blackpool's schoolchildren.

Education chiefs are considering following neighbouring Lancashire County Council in adopting a six-term year as recommended by the Local Government Association.

Under the proposals, which will not come into force until 2007 at the earliest, the year will start in September with two seven week terms before Christmas and four six week terms before the beginning of the summer holiday in mid July.

Cllr Ivan Taylor, Blackpool Council's children's services portfolio holder, (above), said: "This is a national issue that the Government is keen for all local authorities to become involved in - it would also see Blackpool's school holidays in line with Lancashire County Council's.

"We are extremely keen to hear the public's views on this subject to ascertain which route we should follow."

Potential advantages of the system include easier curriculum planning through standard term lengths and a longer October break to reduce stress levels for staff.

However, there are concerns over staff contracts, particularly for those who work only during term time, while there are worries that major works at schools will become difficult because of a shorter summer break.

Consultation will take place between now and December, with a final decision being made by the council's executive next spring.

Lancashire County Council, which runs schools in Fylde and Wyre, announced in June that it would switch to a six-term system starting in September 2006.