Preston's roads have seen more accidents than anywhere else in the county, according to a study by the county council.

An annual safety review of the county's roads revealed that 14 of the 44 accident blackspots identified by the county council's accident and investigation team are in Preston.

The worst offender is the junction of Ribbleton Avenue and Longridge Road which saw 83 accidents, including 16 serious or fatal ones, between January 2000 and December 2005.

Ron Yates, a former Preston councillor whose home overlooks the notorious junction, said he believes it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt there.

He said: "I've lived in this house for 37 years and there are more and more cars on the roads and they travel faster and faster.

"I've seen a few bad accidents a few years ago where people have bee killed and I can only see it getting worse.

"It is an accident waiting to happen."

Other hotspots on the collision list are London Road which saw 73 accidents in the same period; Deepdale Road which saw 64; New Hall Lane, 56; and Ringway, 51.

As part of the study, local councils and the police will be consulted to see what improvements could be made, and their suggestions will go forward for inclusion in the Local Safety Schemes Programme 2006/7.

County councillor, Tony Martin, whose remit includes highways, transport and waste, said: "We always recommend that traffic calming needs go in the most needed areas.

"Quite often the residents perceive the needs in their areas to be greater which is why these surveys are necessary and useful."

The review has been welcomed by the local branch of RoadPeace, the charity which supports bereaved and injured road crash victims.

Maria Hodgson, chair of the Preston branch, whose husband, Brian, was killed by a drink driver, said: "It's shocking that a Preston road is the worst in the county but I don't think drivers realise how fast they are going.

"It's not unusual for me to see drivers going straight through red lights but this bad situation won't change until attitudes change.

"In a perfect world there wouldn't be the need for an organisation like us but drivers should realise the consequences their impatience can have."

Other streets in Preston and South Ribble being considered in the review are:

Plungington Road, 43 accidents;

Blackpool Road, Ashton, 43 accidents;

Ribbleton Lane, Preston, 42;

The junction of Bolton Road and Hoghton Lane, Hoghton, with 34;

The roundabout at Lostock Lane and Stanifield Lane, 33.

Strand Road, 31;

Sedgewick Street, 25;

Blackbull Lane, 20;

Station Road, Bamber Bridge with 20;

Liverpool Road, Much Hoole, 17;

Waterloo Road, Ashton, 15;

Water Lane, Preston, 14.