TOUGH new restrictions on water use came into force today after the weekend's mini heatwave.

North West Water is introducing its new restrictions under a drought order granted by the Government.

Non essential use such as watering council parks and gardens, golf courses and car washes which don't recycle their water are banned with fines of up to £5,000 for breaches of the restrictions.

Members of the public are also being asked not to wash their cars themselves apart from the lights and windscreen.

And people with garden ponds are not allowed to refill them unless they contain fish.

Despite some rain in the last fortnight reservoirs in East Lancashire are still at record low levels.

NWW today said it was impossible to say how long the new restrictions will remain in force. Meanwhile weathermen were forecasting a few more days of warm and mostly dry weather this week - but no repeat of yesterday's sunshine when temperatures were pushing into the 70s.

East Lancashire amateur weather expert Tom Suttie said it was a one-day wonder.

He said: "The temperature was 70 degrees on Sunday. This heatwave is unusually warm for the middle of October, these things are usually at the start of the month, but it hasn't broken any weather records and the heatwave will only last a day."

Tom said that people in East Lancashire could expect the mild weather to last throughout the week but with temperatures dropping to 60 and 62.

He added: "The weather will stay fairly mild this week with occasional showers."

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