PENSIONERS and disabled people are living in fear of teenage rebels who are terrorising an entire neighbourhood.

Residents in the Keele Walk area of Audley, Blackburn, are so terrified of the young vandals that they are afraid to walk the streets at night becoming prisoners in their own homes.

Air rifle shootings, burglaries, damaged cars, injured pets and stones hurled through windows are part of the ritual abuse which has ignited every evening for almost four months.

Residents have issued a grim warning to police that if something is not done to stop the rebels the vandals trail of damage will escalate and someone will be seriously injured.

Residents in sheltered accommodation who can take the abuse no longer are applying for transfers and four homes have already been vacated claimed 56-year-old Mrs Margaret Brown. She said: "Everyone is really frightened. We are living in fear. We can't go out or sleep at night for fear of something happening.

A 14-year-old boy is the ring leader and has two other boys in his gang. It happens either when they get home from school or at 7pm and last until nearly midnight."

Mrs Brown, of Keele Walk, claimed the thugs sprayed some substance into her dog's eyes which temporarily blinded the animal and they also shot an air rifle pellet through her kitchen window while she was out walking her dog.

She said: "I found a pellet hole in the window when I arrived home. It made me go cold. I'm frightened of standing in the kitchen now."

She added: "These youngsters must not be allowed to terrorise the community."

Inspector Richard Cox said: "We get several areas which are classed as problem areas and we treat each one accordingly. We are aware of this particular situation and if people in this area experience any more problems they should contact us."

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