THE comments by the Lancashire Association of Secondary School headteachers in opposing unitary authority status for Blackburn and Darwen, are misleading to say the least.

Mr Michael Humphreys, chairman of the association and head of Our Lady and St John School, was quoted as stating he opposed unitary status because "you need an authority the size of Lancashire to deliver a high quality education service..."

What nonsense! Authorities like Bury, Bolton, Knowsley, Rochdale, Trafford, Wigan etc etc, are all unitary authorities delivering education services.

Is Mr Humphreys saying that these authorities deliver a much worse service than Lancashire?

If so, perhaps his association can spell out in which areas these authorities under-achieve.

As the saying goes, 'size isn't everything' and there are many teachers, governors, parents and school workers who are in favour of unitary status.

I cannot see how education can deteriorate by bringing it closer to the people - something that unitary authority status would undoubtedly achieve.

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