BUOYANT Blackburn Hawks aim to hit the heights tonight and build on their best-ever start to an ice hockey season.

Hawks travel to Solihull with Canadian coach Ryan Kummu ordering: "Keep up the good work."

Kummu's glory hunters have lost only once in the British League First Division this season and last weekend's double victory has got supporters buzzing with anticipation.

Although the first to acknowledge his team's outstanding effort, Kummu is striving to keep his feet firmly on the ice.

"We said at the outset that the battle plan was to get us into a play-off position by the end of the season.

"That plan remains the same, but we are obviously delighted with the way we have opened up.

"The most pleasing aspect has been the way a bunch of new players have gelled together so quickly and the effort and attitude of them all in the opening weeks. "Our results speak for themselves, but it is my view that the ice hockey season is a long haul and consistency remains the key word.

"From an attacking point of view we are as good as any team in our division - the goals scored emphasise that.

"We have also made great strides defensively and it is that sort of all-round collective effort that we are going to need in the months to come.

"It's a tough division and you have to be both mentally and physically tuned in to the task. So far it's been so good, but we still have an awful long way to go."

Kummu has no injury problems for tonight's game which again presents Russian wing ace Oleg Sinkov and co-striker Steve Chartrand the opportunity to forge what has already become a formidable partnership.

Sinkov and Chartrand stand high in the individual rankings and Kummu is also appreciative of the role played by skipper John Haig: "No team whatever the sport, can get by relying on one or two guys.

"You need everyone to be chipping in and that has been the way it's gone for us to date.

"We expect another tough game at Solihull, but we have done well away from home this season and are so far undefeated outside the Arena."

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