WHATEVER is happening to "Your Letters" column? On Thursday, December 14, out of seven letters, we had one from Leeds, two from London, one from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, one from Texas and one from Workington.

I thought this was supposed to be a local paper. Come on, Editor, print local letters, not ones from all over the country.

HARRY RILEY, Ermine Close, Blackburn.

FOOTNOTE: We print letters we think will interest our readers, from wherever the writer is based. While on that day we had a number from outside East Lancashire I felt they were all dealing with subjects of interest. Three were from national charities, one was an appeal to East Lancashire people to help research on the First World War, one was a call for a boycott from a nationally known MP and the other was from an American seeking a Lancastrian he met 20 years ago.

Yes, we are a local paper, but we are not parochial - Editor.

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