IN her latest attempt to obtain her release, Myra Hindley has written a 5,000-word letter to the Guardian in which she states that, at the time of the Moors Murders, she was wicked and evil.

But now, after 30 years in jail, she claims she is a reformed character and no danger to anyone. Therefore, Hindley claims, it is time to release her.

In my opinion, she has a nerve to even think about being freed. Her crimes were so evil and vile that no Home Secretary would dare release her.

Lest anyone forget, Hindley was convicted in 1966 of murdering two children, one of whom, Lesley Ann Downey, aged 10, was tape-recorded begging for mercy, saying "Please Mum, please God, what are you going to do with me?" Of course, Hindley should have been executed but in 1965 Parliament had set aside public opinion and abolished capital punishment. Thanks to them, we the British people have had to pay for the upkeep of this wicked woman.

Even after 30 years, public opinion would not allow any Home Secretary to free Hindley. Perhaps God can forgive Myra Hindley but the British people won't.

D PEARSON (Mr), Kendal Street, Blackburn.

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