A MOVE to impose all-women shortlists on Chorley Labour Party has been defeated.

And it leaves local councillor Lindsay Hoyle - the son of the Parliamentary party chairman - front-runner to be candidate for the highly marginal seat at the next election.

The 38-year-old businessman is the son of former Nelson and Colne MP Doug Hoyle, who now sits for Warrington.

Earlier this year there was a move to make Chorley one of two seats where only women would be allowed to compete to become the candidate.

But, as meetings were being arranged for women MPs to impress upon local activists the merits of ensuring a female candidate, the plan was vetoed.

Eventually, Blackpool North and Warrington South were chosen for all-women shortlists, while Chorley was thrown open.

Now Lindsay Hoyle, a father-of-two, who runs a screen printing business, is the clear favourite to win the nomination.

He would have a strong chance of defeating current Tory MP Den Dover if he is Labour's choice.

Mr Hoyle's father told the Lancashire Evening Telegraph: "I have regular meetings with Tony Blair. I meet him every week.

"We have discussed all-women shortlists in general.

"I did not discuss specific seats as that is not my job.

"We did not talk about Chorley and it would have been quite wrong for me to discuss it, knowing that my son was interested in standing."

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